Bullfrog Naturals About Us Page


Our store is more than just another average online retailer. We sell not only top quality products, but give our customers a positive online shopping experience.

Why Bullfrog? Over the last few years as we waded into the waters of what is known as Hemp Oil. We became aware of the hype and mythical story telling in the industry. We became frustrated trying to face our customers, trying to give them truthful answers to their questions and concerns. Helping them with their need’s not just selling them the highest priced bottle on the shelf. Getting them what they need for a better quality of life. Trying to build a long-term relationship as we became familiar with them and their families. So, we became committed to truth in labeling and providing high quality product with less hype with plain straight forward information. That is how Bullfrog Hemp Oil Products were born. A product line that We and You can represent to your customer with integrity and Pride. Knowing they are getting honest information and a quality product without the Snake Oil Technics.

We choose oils with more than just Hemp Oil isolate, so the customer gets the full benefit of their Hemp Oil. With Our True Full Spectrum oils, the customer gets the complete benefit of the hemp plant. With the Full array of cannabinoids, terpenes and more. This oil will contain less than the legal limit of THC. That’s why it is called a Full Spectrum, because is contains the all compounds extracted from the Hemp Plant.

For those customers that are concerned with THC. We choose a Broad-Spectrum Oil. This oil contains all or most of the same cannabinoids and terpenes of our True Full Spectrum and the customer gets the full benefit of the hemp plant but, has had the THC removes. That’s why its a Broad-Spectrum Oil.

Simple example:

If you want your Vitamin C (Full Hemp Plnt Extract) this would be like squeezing a whole orange. Drinking all the vitamins, minerals, terpenes and other beneficial things the whole squeezed orange has to offer. This would be considered a full spectrum of the orange. Same as our Full Spectrum Whole Plant Extract Oils.

But you don’t like pulp (THC). You Strain the Orange Juice to remove the pulp. Leaving all the vitamins, minerals, terpenes and other beneficial things the whole squeezed orange has to offer. This would be considered a broad spectrum of the orange. Same as our Broad-Spectrum Oils.

Keeping it simple and truthful is our goal.


  • All our products are derived from 100% USA Grown Hemp.
  • We use only Professional Grade Formulators
  • All manufactures are fully certified facilities
  • Each batch of oil we produce is independently tested for quality
  • We proudly place the lot number along with the COA - QRcode link on each bottle for your purchasing confidence. Or you can go to our testing page and find your lot number and view the COA.

What does all this mean. It’s made by reputable manufacturers and quality is followed from start to finish. Not made in someone’s tool shed.