Have you been struggling to get rid of acne? Yes! Tried everything, but all in vain? Try CBD. CBD can be used to help control acne. CBD has many attributes which may help your acne and make your skin look radiant and beautiful. Here, we have mentioned several ways in which it helps acne issue:

  1. Soothes Irritation and Inflammation

Acne isn’t troublesome only because of the way they make you look but also because they cause pain which is apparent in the form of redness and swelling. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can ease redness and swelling while also making sure that the size of breakouts is reduced. If you want to avail complete benefits of CBD, it is not enough to apply it on the face, what is also essential is ingesting it.

  1. Regulates oil production

Sebum or the oily substance created by our sebaceous glands seals in the moisture. It is necessary for healthy skin but too much of it can mix dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells and clog the pores leading to acne. CBD has been observed to prevent cells from creating too much sebum thus helping in reducing breakouts and giving the face a less shiny appearance.

  1. CBD is antibacterial

Bacteria on the skin get into the pores and lead to breakouts. Bacteria cause acne and make your skin become inflamed. CBD can prevent these bacteria from building up, leading to fewer blocked pores and less inflammation.

  1. CBD is antifungal

Most of the products that you may have come across would have either been antibacterial or antifungal, CBD is both. So whether the cause of acne is bacteria or fungus, CBD can help combat it. Fungal acne is very itchy and looks like clusters of small bumps in areas that produce a lot of oil.

  1. CBD helps fade acne scarring

Those who have suffered from cystic acne or have picked at the skin must be left with scarring. Acne scars damage collagen, create pits, and cause uneven texture on the surface of the skin.

CBD oil aids collagen production and helps improve elasticity in the skin, which means it could have a soothing effect on the scars.

So, this is how CBD plays a role in curing acne. But we leave it on you to decide whether it will really work or not; buy CBD skincare product suitable for acne and see if it works for you. For best results, you can also opt for edible CBD. While edible will work internally, skincare cream will give external results.